Why I turn off the auto update on Google Play

Hello friends,

Today I am going to share my personal experience with the auto-update feature in Google Play. Some days ago I have read an article on the internet in which an advice is given that we should always keep our mobile apps up to date in order to keep our mobile phone more secure and bugs free. The article was very good and so much informative. But believe me, you can also fall into trouble due to the mobile apps update.

Some days ago, I downloaded a mobile application from Google Play. The application was very good and was really enjoying the features of that app. I was using that app on daily basis.

Yesterday, I noticed that Google Play Store is downloading the updates. When I checked, I found that Google Play is downloading the latest version of that app.

I was very happy with that updates because I was expecting some more features on the latest version and I was so much excited. But, just after updating the app, the problem begins. Whenever I tried to open the app, the app automatically closed just after 10 seconds. I again opened the app, but the problem was still there. It was a bug, in the new version of that app. I contacted the developers of that app and reported that bug, and got the reply that it is a known bug and they are working on that app to fix the bug.

Today, they released another version of that app, I have updated the app to the latest version, and now the app is running smoothly. I am really enjoying the new features of that app.

Why I don't like auto-update feature

  1. If your turns on the auto-update, Google Play will download the updates automatically. It will consume your mobile internet data.
  2. If your mobile phone has low RAM, then it will definitely slow down the operations of your phone. Mobile phones with low RAM are not suitable for multitasking.
  3. If you are browsing the internet, and at the same time Google Play is downloading the updates, then you will notice a serious degradation in internet speed. 
  4. You don't know the new features of the latest version of the app until you download it.

However, auto-update is a very good feature because it keeps your phone secure, bugs free and up-to-date. But there are also some problems which you may face due to this feature so always be alert and stay geek.

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