How to Hide Your Profile Photo and Status on WhatsApp

Hello friends,

Privacy is the most important thing for everyone. Everyone wants to protect their personal information, conversations, photos, post, etc, on social networks.

Almost all social networks provide you privacy protection features on their website and mobile application but many people don't know that how do they use it.

Today I will talk about the WhatsApp Privacy Features. Many of you want to hide your profile photo or status from WhatsApp, there may be many reasons for that, maybe you don't want to show your Last Seen status to your friends because you don't want to reply them or maybe you don't want to show your profile photo or want to show only to your contact list. There may be many reasons behind that.

So let's start...

Hiding your profile photo, last seen and status is very easy on WhatsApp. This feature is available in WhatsApp privacy settings. All you need to do is just follow the following steps.

  1. Open WhatsApp mobile application.
  2. Click on Settings. (See Figure 2)
  3. Click on Accounts. (See Figure 3)
  4. Open Privacy (See Figure 4)
  5. Here you will see four different privacy options; (a)  Last seen (b) Profile photo (c) About (d) Status. (See Figure 5)
  6. Select the particular privacy option you want to configure. (See Figure 5)
  7. You will see different options; (i) Everyone (ii) My Contacts (iii) Nobody
    Everyone: If select this option then your profile photo/last seen/about/status will be visible to everyone. Even if an unknown person who has your phone number can see it. 
    My Contacts: If you select this option then your profile photo/last seen/about/status will be visible only to those whose phone number is saved into your phone. 
    Nobody: If you select this option then nobody can see your profile photo/last seen/about/status.

Special Trick

Condition: You want to show profile photo/last seen/about/status only to limited friends or contact list.

If you want to hide your profile photo/last seen/about/status from any of your friends then simply delete his/her phone number from your mobile phone. He/she will not see your profile photo/last seen/about/status again.

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