How Power Saving Mode Increase The Battery Life Of Android Phone

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The most common question asked by many Android phone users is that, is there any harm in keeping your phone on power saving mode and how power saving mode increases the battery life? So first of all, the answer to the first question is that there is no harm to your phone if you keep your phone in power saving mode. In fact, it will increase the battery life.

And for the answer to the second question, I need a little explanation so you can easily understand that how power saving mode increases the battery life.

Which type of battery is used in our mobile phones and what is the meaning of charge cycle in phone battery?

In mobile phones, lithium-ion battery is used. The most common reason for using this battery in the mobile phone is that it is a very light-weight. The lithium-ion battery has limited charge cycle, typically 1000 charge cycle. For example, your mobile phone battery is 45% and you charge your phone to 100%. When you use your phone again and consume your 55% of phone battery then one charge cycle occurs. In simple words, 100% usage of phone battery is equal to the consumption of one charge cycle of your phone battery.

So when you keep your phone in power saving mode, it will reduce the consumption of battery and typically increases the period between each charge cycle.

Power saving mode on Android phone

What does power saving mode do and how it increases the battery life?

When you activate the power saving mode, it will change the setting of your phone. The tradeoff is in power saving mode, mobile data, WiFi, Bluetooth and auto-syncing of apps and emails, etc, will closed.

In conclusion, keeping the phone in power saving mode is good, and typically increases the battery life.

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